Vortex2D is multi-platform and currently supports the following:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • macOS
  • iOS

CMake is used to generate the appropriate build scripts for each platform. The dependencies, which are fetched when calling cmake, are glm and SPIRV-cross. The tests use gtest and the examples use glfw.

The only dependency required is python. There a several variables that can be used to configure:

CMake Builds
VORTEX2D_ENABLE_TESTS builds the tests
VORTEX2D_ENABLE_EXAMPLES builds the examples
VORTEX2D_ENABLE_DOCS builds the documentation

The main library is built as a dll on windows, shared library on linux and (dynamic) framework on macOS/iOS.


Following dependencies are necessary:

  • Python
  • glslangValidator (comes with Vulkan SDK)

Following minimum compilers are necessary:

  • GCC 5.4 or later
  • MSVC 2015 or later
  • Clang 3.4 or later


To build on windows, cmake-gui is the easiest to use. Only the variables specified above should be changed.


The package xorg-dev might need to first be installed. Again, regular cmake commands should be use to configure cmake:

cmake ..


In addition to the normal variables, we need to specify the location of MoltenVK and the glslang compiler. The glslang compiler can be downloaded from its project on github:

cmake .. -DMOLTENVK_DIR=path_to/MoltenVK/Package/Latest/MoltenVK/ -DGLSL_VALIDATOR=path_to/bin/glslangValidator


The framework needs to signed on iOS, so the following variables need to be defined:

Variable Value
CODE_SIGN_IDENTITY “iPhone Developer”
DEVELOPMENT_TEAM_ID set to the team id, can be found on the apple developer portal

In addition, the MoltenVK location has to be specified, and the toolchain:

cmake .. -DCMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE=../cmake/ios.toolchain.cmake -DIOS_PLATFORM=OS -DIOS_ARCH=arm64 -DENABLE_VISIBILITY=true -DGLSL_VALIDATOR=path_to/bin/glslangValidator -DMOLTENVK_DIR=path_to_sdk/MoltenVK/ -DCODE_SIGN_IDENTITY="iPhone Developer" -DDEVELOPMENT_TEAM_ID=XXXXXX


To build the documentation the following is required:

  • doxygen
  • sphinx
  • sphinx_rtd_theme
  • sphinx breathe